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Assets Overview

Assets Overview

The purpose of this tool is to provide an overview of available instruments in various asset classes and highlight current opportunities (both Bullish and Bearish). The data points displayed here are calculated on a daily basis.

The Opportunity Score is based on analysis of multiple data categories per instrument: price trend (momentum), volatility, news sentiment, and media coverage volume.

The combination of instrument scores in these four categories is used to estimate the direction in which the instrument is moving at the present moment and will be moving in the short term.

Opportunity Scoring and Monitoring

We apply forensic, AI analysis across an extensive range of data sources to identify trading opportunities on an asset-by-asset basis. See how these benchmark against other assets for more informed decision-making.

Opportunity score

We analyse traditional and alternative data sets on each asset to generate a unified opportunity score, helping traders avoid confusion from conflicting signals and providing a clear actionable insight.

Market moving events

Interactive charts and with multiple overlays displaying market-moving events, encompassing macro-economic and corporate events, news stories, and sentiment alerts.